The Mission

gfaith is short for “Guerrilla Faith.”
gfaith is short for “Guerrilla Faith.”

The gfaith Foundation was founded by an active-duty military family on a mission to reverse the epidemic of veteran suicide and disease, while supporting military families.

Since that time, the team has joined efforts with a faith-based strategy and leadership consulting firm, an IT Infrastructure firm, a Live Events ministry, and a nationally recognized suicide prevention program.

Senior advisors representing all four branches of the military have joined the mission of gfaith.

We believe all people benefit from spiritual, physical, and mental wellness, and our vision is to equip veterans & military families with the training & support that they need to achieve that wellness.  We use live events, local chapters, technology, corporate sponsorships, local churches, and training to create a true support system for military members, veterans, and their families.

The gfaith Foundation believes that the epidemic of veteran suicide should be front and center until the number is zero, and that the solution must involve a faith-based component.

We are committed to spending 85 cents out of every dollar on veteran suicide prevention.

The gfaith Foundation ® is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.