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Our Mission

Gfaith exists to provide an independent platform that consolidates Christ centered content without fear of censorship from big tech, and where Christians from all around the world can gather to hear The Word, share their personal stories, witness God’s love, and conduct business like never before…
One God. One Voice. One Platform.

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what we do

Gfaith seeks to deliver various Christian content through searchable sermons, personal-video testimonials, music, podcasts, vlogs, blogs and more. We leverage technology to hear and share your stories of faith to reach people in real-time, serving in the military and around the world.
As an established 501c3 we will give back towards targeted military and community programs.
Veteran Veteran

Our commitment to the military community

Gfaith is a veteran run organization. We understand the struggles and hardships that accompany military service. Our hope is to make things a little brighter for those on active duty, Veterans and military spouses by providing them with encouraging bible-based messages from preachers, influencers, artists and every day people who want to share their stories and talent with them.

Our Commitment To The Community

Gfaith is collaborating with colleges and universities to offer private internships in technology in an effort to continually deliver unique content to God’s people like never before.

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