What is Guerrilla Gear?

Guerrilla Gear was founded by a Marine Corps Veteran in 2023 as an apparel brand for the military member, 1st responder, and their families. We are a brand that is unapologetically faith-based.

Guerrilla Gear exists to motivate, inspire, and remind the service member that they are an outlier and a warrior who was created by God to do mighty work, both in and out of uniform.

Our mission is “to reverse the epidemic of veteran and 1st responder suicide one hero at a time.” We have an apparel partnership to fund proven suicide prevention programs and to drive awareness to the gfaith mission. 50% of net profits from GG will always be sent to organizations who are doing the same.

We are not here to get rich. We are here to produce high quality apparel and to save lives. No brother or sister left behind. Until the number is zero. Guerrilla Gear.


Bryan Joy @ Guerrilla Gear

“The Lord is with you, Mighty Warrior.” Judges 6:12