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How much abuse will we all take from Facebook?
This past week something very unusual occurred. Wall street analysts, political leaders, and media outlets all agreed on one important issue: Facebook is failing to protect its millions of users. That includes me. And my kids. And my wife. The latest news out of Facebook corporate offices is that another 50 million users have had their private information hacked. In addition, up to another 40 million users of Tinder and Pinterest have possibly had their data hacked via the streamlined Facebook login process. Users of all three platforms (especially Tinder) wait with anticipation to find out how personal the hack will be.
Facebook stock is falling. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly losing great favor with investors as their value takes yet another hit, and no clear plan emerges from his executive team. Washington regulators are starting to discuss moves to break up the social media giant.
This is the third such data privacy breach inside of a year for the social media giant. The issue is considered so serious in Europe, that the EU is strongly considering a $1.6 billion dollar fine against Facebook.
Here in America, independent marketing groups report that up to 40% of millennial users have “hard deleted” the app from their mobile devices in the past six months. All of this begs the question for the rest of us on the Facebook platform currently: How much abuse will we all take from Zuckerberg and his team before there is a movement to migrate away from Facebook?
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