Eric Riley | Dec 8, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Gfaith committed to data privacy
Over the past year, several social media companies have come under fire for data privacy issues. Facebook, under CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership has certainly taken the most heat (see video links at
Gfaith is committed to setting the new standard in both data privacy and customer safety. To that end, Gfaith Media CEO, Bryan Joy has issued the following statement on the topic:
“Here at Gfaith Media, we are U.S Citizens, parents, and Christians first. We understand how important it is to respect our all of our member’s individual data privacy and are committed to never sell or share that private data to outside partners. Ever. Your private messages are deleted off of gfaith servers the moment that you delete those messages personally. Finally, we will never “follow” your online activity outside of gfaith platforms or products. Ever.”